Hiring Trends for 2017

Hiring is going to be a challenge for tech positions, particularly for security and networking roles. Here is a glimpse of what is expected on the hiring front in 2017. The following forecast is based on the research conducted by Robert Half Technology and TEKsystems.

  • Marginal salary gains

    Majority of IT leaders expect IT salaries to stay the same compared to 2016 rates. Many organizations are relying on rate cards from several years ago, and the IT segment is suffering a degree of wage stagnation.

  • Some skills are more likely to get raises

    There won’t be department-wise salary hikes, but in-demand roles will get raises. These roles will be – programmers & developers, software engineers, security and cloud based computing.

  • IT headcount expanding for some

    Some companies will add new positions in the year 2017. Most of them will put IT hiring on hold.

  • Contingent IT staff increasing

    IT leaders report that in 2016, 80% of their IT team members are full-time staffers and 20% are contingent workers. Looking ahead to 2017, CIOs are predicting a slight shift in the ratio of full-time staff (76%) to contingent workers (24%).

  • Skills in greatest demand

    Database management, desktop support, network administration and cybersecurity are the most in-demand skills.

  • Explosion of tech roles

    Our technology-driven lifestyles mean that more employers in finance, retail, healthcare, etc., need employees who can derive insights from data, create a mobile app, or code a website. A tight overall hiring market and increased demand for tech talent makes recruiting those coding and analytics stars even more difficult.

  • Pay transparency

    Transparency in the workplace isn’t new, but in 2016 we saw a big push from policymakers for employers to be more transparent about pay. New rules from the federal government will require some employers to disclose workers’ pay by gender, race/ethnicity. In 2017, employers should prepare for increased salary negotiations.


Should Start-ups Hire Interns?


For some start-ups it is inevitable to hire interns at the initial stages of their company’s growth. While this may initially appear to be a good practice, especially with start-ups’ tight financial constraints, the grind of managing the interns could overshadow the benefits of having them in your office.

Internships are a “give and take” relationship because the commitment goes both ways – an intern works for your start-up, but you have to teach the intern the necessary skills and give him or her individual learning plan in return. The intern is working for you because he or she wants to learn and get experience in his or her field of expertise.

Pros and cons of hiring interns
There are mostly ‘pros’, but you need to be aware of one con: Interns are time consuming in the beginning of their internship. You need to take the time to teach them a new set of skills and integrate them into the workplace.

Here are the benefits of hiring interns:

  • The most important benefit to the start-ups is that they get cost effective dynamic workforce.
  • For most interns, it is their first job, so they give their best to the employer. They are motivated and have desire to learn and progress within their field.
  • Interns fill positions and assist employers with innovative ideas and technology.
  • Internships allow employers to connect with and build relationships with students early in their academic careers
  • Employers can test the candidates before offering him/her full time position within an organization.
  • Smaller, less important tasks could be given to interns, so that experienced workforce could devote their full attention to more productive work.

However, these benefits could come at a cost of your time and energy.

  • You spend more time teaching them how to work and what to work on
  • If you have more number of interns, your business activities may suffer when interns go back to school.
  • Most start-up founders will take the interns under their wing and teach them what they know. As an internship cycle usually repeats itself every 3/6 months, it can be quite taxing.
  • If handover is not done properly when an internship comes to an end, you could lose your business.

In a small start-up, interns can either make or break your company. However, if handled and planned correctly, internships can be meaningful to both you – the employer and your interns.

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Weird Responses Given to Interviewers


Everyone has the occasional bad job interview. You show up late, you wear the wrong thing and you can’t seem to put a sentence together. But, the worst thing is that sometimes people blurt out weird responses or when given an opportunity to ask questions, they ask craziest questions to the interviewers.

Here are some of the responses shared by interviewers, which will amuse you:

  • Tell us about a problem you had with a co-worker and how you resolved it
    “I used to have a fight with a co-worker. We both were asked to leave.”
  • Why should we hire you?
    “I don’t know.”
    “This job sounds interesting.”
  • Do you have any questions?
    “Would it be a problem if I’m angry most of the time?”
    “Will the company pay to relocate my horse?”
    “Why do you want references?”
    “What does your company do?”
  • Why are you looking for a job?
    “I didn’t get along with my previous co-workers, so I left that job.”
    “My last boss was awful, so I quit.”
    “I am getting bored with my current job.”
  • Why do you want to work for us?
    “I heard benefits are great here.”
    “I saw the job posting and thought why not to give a try?”
  • What are your assets?
    “I do own a house.”
  • What are your weaknesses?
    “Sometimes I feel like smashing things.”
    “I feel uneasy indoors.”
  • Is there anything else I should know about you?
    “My hobby is wrestling.”
  • When can you start?
    “I need to ask my mom.”
  • Do you want to say or mention anything else?
    “You have beautiful eyes.”
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    “I won’t be doing the job. I want to start my own business.”
    “Not sure….may be at the same position where you are.”

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