Tech Jobs with High Salaries


Everybody knows tech industry pays well. But specifically which jobs will put you in higher income tax bracket? Check out these tech jobs with enviable salaries:

Software Architect – Designs complex software applications. Average salary – $130,000
Software Development Manager – Project leader for software projects. Average salary – $123,000
Solutions Architect – Designs and engineers complex software or computer systems. Average salary – $121,000
Analytics Manager – Performs business and financial analysis to help the company measure its success and predict its needs. Average salary – $115,000
IT Manager – Manages a company’s technology infrastructure. Average salary – $115,000
Product Manager – Helps run the teams that design and market a product. Although a product manager isn’t a tech-specific job, it’s a major role at many tech companies. Average salary – $114,000
Data Scientist – Helps a company find insights out of heaps of data. This is one of the super-hot fields within IT. Average salary – $105,000
Security Engineer – Designs, deploys and monitors systems that secure a company’s network, software and other assets. Average salary – $102,000
QA Manager – Performs tests to make sure a product, service or software performs like it should. Average salary – $101,000
Computer Hardware Engineer – Designs computers and all sorts of other electronic devices. Average salary – $101,000
Database Administrator – A company’s database is among the most important bits of software it owns, keeping track of customers, transactions, and inventory. A database administrator runs it. Average salary – $97,000
UX Designer – A “UX” designer, or “user experience” designer are the ones who make sure the product looks and feels good and functions in a way that is easy for people to use. Average salary – $97,000
Software Engineer/programmer – Every company needs them, from the tech companies building software to sell to others, to the enterprises building apps for their own internal use. Average salary – $96,000
Sales Engineer – The technical resource for the sales force that helps them make sure bids and contracts meet the customers’ technical specifications. Average salary – $91,000


Author: TheGongzuo, is developed to bridge the gap between Ideators and Entrepreneurs communities and to rise from a jobsite to offer it users a platform where the aspiring entrepreneurs connect with each other.

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