Tech Layoffs – Make it a New Beginning


The tech industry may seem like it is thriving, and that is not absolutely true; but it is also important to know that many tech companies are often cutting costs and handing out pink slips. During mergers, acquisitions or restructuring, unexpected changes occur. If you hear rumours or have reliable information in regards to any changes, now is the time to start working accordingly towards a more secure position.

The best step to take in situations where changes occur within the company is to be prepared for the worst. Here’s how:

  • Update your resume – Start preparing a list of your accomplishments and quantifiable achievements. Include a description of your current position in resume as written down by HR.
  • Prepare list of references – Contact the people you would like to use as references to ask their permission to be used as a reference.  Obtain their current contact information and type up your reference list.
  • Check job board websites – See what the market demands are and which types of positions are available for the candidates of your education and experience. Start applying right away, if you feel that the chances of getting laid off are high.
  • Consider different career alternatives – You can take layoff as an opportunity to start fresh. You may change your career and get into new field, you always wanted to be in. Instead of looking for a new job, you may try consulting or freelancing. The other option is pursuing further education or certification. You can make these career decisions now, when you could be possibly having more time in your hands.
  • Network with friends/acquaintances – Start making contact with your network and re-establish the connection, so that if you get a pink slip, you will have already updated them on your situation and can then call them into action to help you track down job leads.
  • Backup your personal files from office computer – In reality, you should never have personal stuff stored on your work computer, but we probably all do from time-to-time. It’s best to be safe and remove all your personal files because when you get the bad news, it comes swiftly and security escorts you out of the building. Bring in a flash drive as soon as possible and wipe all personal information off of your computer.
  • Examine your finances – If you fear a layoff is on the horizon, now is the time to get your finances in order. Even if you are lucky enough to get a severance package or qualify for unemployment benefits, neither is often enough to pay the bills during the period you are out of work. Consider consolidating bills so you have fewer monthly payments and put a halt to any major purchases you had planned until you are solidly on your feet again.
  • Talk to your family – This is probably the hardest thing – talking to your family about defeat, even if it’s not your fault. Your family are the very people you MUST talk with. These are your loved ones and key supporters. In addition, since their lifestyle and spending habits may have to drastically change in the near future, it’s best to prepare for the changes as a family.
  • Moving ahead – Once you are ready, whether you get laid off or not, it’s time to go to the next step and prepare for your return to the job market. You have to look to the future and move your career forward!

Whether you are among the unfortunate ones, who have lost their jobs or just looking for a change, is always there to help you find your new job and take you further up on your career ladder. Register on our website today!


Author: TheGongzuo, is developed to bridge the gap between Ideators and Entrepreneurs communities and to rise from a jobsite to offer it users a platform where the aspiring entrepreneurs connect with each other.

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