9 Technical Skills in Demand

It’s a perfect time to be in Information Technology field. In the US, unemployment rates in this industry are lower than other industries. There are plenty of opportunities for IT professionals.

Here are the top IT skills in demand today in the US:

  • UI/UX designers/developers – User experience and user interface (UX/UI) designers are going to be in high demand to help make software interfaces as intuitive as possible. Consumers won’t settle for anything less than a quick, seamless and painless user experience.
  • Web and product developers – Web developers, especially skilled in Java, JavaScript, PHP are in high demand.
  • Network engineers – Networking is the foundation of web and streaming technologies. For digital businesses as well, networking professionals are in high demand.
  • Security professionals – Actually there is a shortage of this particular skill in the US. Hackers are creating threats to breach systems, so businesses and governments are scrambling to find security talent.
  • Mobile engineers – Mobile is the most heavily used digital platform. There is a major market for mobile application developers.
  • Business analysts – Business analysts play a critical role, as they are liaison between IT department and business. They ensure IT projects are meeting business needs and meeting strategic goals. Organizations need them as they speak both the languages – language of business as well as IT.
  • IT project managers – With an increase in IT spending to pursue new innovation, IT project managers are in great demand. Managers who specialize in one particular field, for example banking and financial sector have the best chance to get placed.
  • Cloud architects – With the continued shift toward public cloud infrastructure and hybrid cloud adoption, IT pros skilled at setting up, performing integration and securing cloud deployments remain in high demand.
  • Data scientists – Companies are currently struggling to handle the overflow of data they’re receiving – everything from user data, customer behavior data, purchasing data, sales leads, marketing data etc. Professionals who can develop solutions to capture, process, analyze and interpret data continue to be necessary for an organization’s success.

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Author: TheGongzuo

TheGongzuo.com, is developed to bridge the gap between Ideators and Entrepreneurs communities and to rise from a jobsite to offer it users a platform where the aspiring entrepreneurs connect with each other.

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