Getting Over Anxiety at the Start of the Job

Starting a new job creates anxiety in even the experienced professionals.  It’s not uncommon for people to worry about their performance, ability to come up to speed and adjust to a new work environment.

But, the sooner you can face those fears, the sooner you can dive in and start making an impact. Here are five helpful ways to keep those nerves at bay, ease your fears, and feel more confident at your new job.

  1. Be calm – Your body is a great mirror for how your mind is, so if your body is tense and anxious, there is a good chance it is because that’s how you are feeling. So relax. Loosen your shoulders. Breathe naturally. Listen to your body, and when you feel it becoming tense or tightening up, make a deliberate choice to loosen up and relax.
  2. Trust the process – In a new job, you feel stressed because you try to find the best solutions, provide right answers and impress the right people. But actually, nobody expects you to know everything. Sometimes the brave thing to do is to tell people you’re still figuring things out and that you’ll get back to them with an answer.
  3. Remember, no one is perfect – When you are new in an organization, you think that everyone around you is better in some way; that they know more or do more or are capable of more. Everyone around you is incomplete and imperfect. Everyone has their own strengths, weaknesses, wins, losses.

  4. Unfamiliar will soon be familiar – All of us have an ability to make the unfamiliar familiar very quickly. Remind yourself that what seems new now will all seem natural and ‘second nature’ very soon.
  5. Expect the best – Don’t let negative ‘what if’ thoughts crowd your mind – “What if I make a fool of myself?” or “what if they don’t like me?” Purposefully make yourself imagine the best possible things happening. And keep in mind that everyone has to start somewhere.
  6. Personal networking is important. When entering a new threshold, it is important to get to know your surroundings, and in this case, your coworkers. Along with your work, make sure you interact and open yourself up with people around you. Becoming familiar with any environment and getting rid of anxiety begins with knowing the people around you and creating positive relationships.

It is normal to have a certain amount of anxiety when starting any new job.  By taking a few simple steps, you can ensure your outlook is a positive one. Additionally, you may consider talking to people who already work in that organization. This will give you an idea about the culture, top managers’ expectations and overall atmosphere at the workplace. Knowing in advance what to expect will certainly reduce your anxiety.

Register on to find your next job and move on with your career with confidence keeping in mind above techniques!


Author: TheGongzuo, is developed to bridge the gap between Ideators and Entrepreneurs communities and to rise from a jobsite to offer it users a platform where the aspiring entrepreneurs connect with each other.

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