How to Raise $100,000 for Your Start-up Business?

Having an idea for a business is only a first step in the process. To turn the idea from a dream into a successful business venture, it requires time, energy, and of course, money. The main question most aspiring entrepreneurs face is “how much money exactly do I need?”

According to the data published by census bureau, baseline figures would be around $100,000. Entrepreneurs of all types, regardless of industry are more likely to be successful if they have adequate start-up funding.

Raising $100,000 might seem like a mountain to climb when you are just starting in the early days of your business, but it need not be that hard. Self-finance and banks are not the only options available to you. There are a few other ways to get going.

Founders must research the investor market, figure out which segments to focus on, reach out to the relevant contacts, and present a compelling solution. You can maximize your chances of fundraising success by following these four steps:

  • Research – Within the IT domain, there are specialists in hardware vs. software, and further diverse areas within the software space. Some organizations only consider investing in early-stage companies (angel or seed), whereas others will filter for start-ups. Some investors may invest in 100 different companies, while the others may select only 10 and invest their funds. Considering these factors, you can evaluate the investors and have clarity on which organizations may have interest in your start-up.
  • Analyze – Investors are long-term partners, and in order to develop healthy relationship, the interest needs to be common. Assessing various other factors such as their connections, experience in your niche field etc. is a great way to narrow down your choices.
  • Reach out – When you are ready with a shortlist of potential investors, convince them to meet you. Most investors are more likely to take a meeting with a founder if they have been referred by a trusted contact. So, networking is crucial to get favourable response from your target investors.
  • Sell your business idea – You can maximize your chances of fundraising success by convincing investors that your start-up offers a high score. You can reinforce your idea by presenting them with your financial model and the assumptions underlying your growth estimates.

The other ways of raising funds include bank loans, venture capital, help from friends and family, personal finances such as credit cards and home equity etc.

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Author: TheGongzuo, is developed to bridge the gap between Ideators and Entrepreneurs communities and to rise from a jobsite to offer it users a platform where the aspiring entrepreneurs connect with each other.

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