Tips For Moms Returning To Workforce

Re-entering the IT workforce after taking time off to stay at home with kids can be difficult and emotionally challenging process for women. Many females worry about their technical skills still being relevant and if they will still fit in and adapt to a workplace environment all while juggling their new added responsibilities at home.

 Experts say transitioning back into work life can be a smooth shift with the right attitude and mind set. According to the survey conducted, 95% of female professionals said that the unique skills involved with raising children are portable to the workplace, increase confidence and energy, and enhance the ability to motivate others, tolerate ambiguity and apply past experiences in new ways.

Here are the tips for returning mothers:

  • When you send IT job applications to prospective employers, do not explain the gap in your career in cover letter. Instead, you can mention it in your resume. Brush up your interview techniques.
  • Be clear on your objectives and priorities. Do not hesitate to ask for flexibility or a part-time schedule, but should make the request before a final round of interviews.
  • If you are returning to a previous employer, mention your past success that highlights why you are a valuable asset.
  • Stay in touch with your employer, co-workers and prior managers during your opt-out time and follow what’s happening in IT field.
  • Be honest about why you’re returning to work and what you want to get from your return. Whether it is money or career accomplishments – your motivations will guide your job search, so it’s incredibly important to know them ahead of time.
  • Before sending out applications, research through IT job search engines, such as TheGongzuo to get an idea about which technologies are in demand.
  • Talk regularly with other moms who have gone back to work about their experiences and challenges.
  • Consider options such as telecommuting, part-time, flexible schedule or freelancing while returning to the job market to achieve a good work-life balance.

To restart your IT career, register at and go through the list of IT jobs. Job postings for different technical roles such as data analyst, PMO, program managers etc. are listed out on our website. Find out which role suits you best that will take your career to the next level.


Author: TheGongzuo, is developed to bridge the gap between Ideators and Entrepreneurs communities and to rise from a jobsite to offer it users a platform where the aspiring entrepreneurs connect with each other.

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